Cheap, simple VPN through SSH with proxifier (Part 2)

Hey Guys! I’d like to continue the last blog post which left out specific config with the setup of proxifier.


Server side setup

After we set up our tunnel with the server. We need to download and fire up proxifer.

Once downloaded the config is pretty easy, we specificy localhost and set the port we are using in the SSH tunnel.

Once set just click the check button and it will query google through the proxy.


Tunneling traffic 

Proxifier works very similar to sshuttle in that it will tunnel ALL application requests through the SSH tunnel(system requests seem to still use the system settings). Below you are able to see that I am browsing through the tunnel.



Thats all fine and dandy, but does it really tunnel the traffic?

Well lets fire up wireshark and see what on the wire. What we are really looking for are DNS leaks. This is often the downfall of some VPN solutions.

it looks like we do indeed have DNS leaks, lucky for us Proxifier does have a solution for that.


Now that we have that fixed. We should be all set to browse the internet.

Closing statement

If you wanted to further obscure your traffic Proxifier does allow load balancing of traffic and a round robin method of routing so you are not always sending 100% of your traffic to the same place.

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