Cheap, simple VPN through SSH with proxifier or sshuttle

While I personally use this method I wasn’t sure why I don’t see more people suggesting this as an alternative to one of the VPN hosting providers.


  • This can be a very cheap method of VPN. The provider I chose charged $1.58 USD per month or $19 annually.
  • Once it is set up it is very easy to connect to the tunnel.


  • It is more difficult to set up than the 1 click solutions.
  • You only get to chose where your server is once(when you buy the server)

Next step: Get a server

To get a server I went to Lowendbox  and grabbed a cheap server with high bandwidth transfer. This one only cost me $19 for a whole year.

Login to the server and make sure it has python installed.

Python -V

If you are on a linux system install sshuttle via pip. If not skip to the section about putty and proxifier.

pip install sshuttle

Once sshuttle in installed you will only need 1 command to tunnel your traffic through SSH.

sshuttle -r root@(SERVER_IP) --dns


you can do sshuttle with -e ‘ssh -i RSAKEY’ to specify an ssh key for connecting to the server or you can also edit the ~./ssh/config file and use the hostname for connecting to the sshuttle server.

If you are on a windows machine.

Download putty and connect to the server. Make sure that you click add on the putty config before you connect to the server.


Then you will need to download proxifier and configure it with a SOCKS5 proxy on This will tunnel all your traffic through your SSH session.

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